hey there, i’m moorissa 🙋🏻‍♀️

about ✨

A robotics engineer and artist based in San Francisco, California. I enjoy innovating and creating, building autonomous systems, and solving highly complex technical problems. Since I was a kid, I’ve also been drawn to the world of creative arts, like painting and writing. You can find my artwork here and my blog here.

currently 🦾

I work as a Senior Software Systems Engineer at Cruise, a robotaxi startup currently developing an L4 autonomy. I want to help push the boundaries of AI and robotics towards the world’s first L5 technology, as I believe it’s a fundamental change to a much safer and more sustainable earth for all.

I was previously at Tesla for nearly 4 years, where I helped the Autopilot team launch its first Full Self-Driving (FSD) feature. Prior to that, I worked as a machine learning researcher at NASA Goddard Institute on climate change models and the United Nations on supply chain optimizations for reducing malnutritions in Subsaharan Africa.

engineering 🚀

I completed an M.S. in Data Science with a focus on Machine Learning at Columbia University, and a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Statistics (summa cum laude) from Georgia Tech at 19. During sophomore year, I fell in love with statistical learning theory taught by Dr. Nicoleta Serban and subsequently took a PhD engineering course in that domain.

My fascination towards robotics and embodied artificial intelligence didn’t truly develop until Tesla, when I started working on the firmware UI, closed-loop simulations, and algorithmic state machines with some of the strongest engineers I had worked with. Maybe they’re right when they say curiosity killed the cat–naiveté too actually–but satisfaction somehow always brought it back to life. So there goes my top rule for a fulfilling life: Follow your curiosity :).

stay in touch 💌

When I’m not creating, I love learning about cultures and philosophies around the world–whether through local communities, volunteering, or living abroad temporarily. Among 26 countries I’ve been to, I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure of living in France, Brazil, and South Africa for a couple months. I hope I don’t just get to see the world, but to also connect with many others from different corners of the globe.

So, please connect with me! I speak English, Indonesian, Javanese, and very little French, but highly proficient in Google Translate and ChatGPT lol. Feel free to write me a note via email or LinkedIn.

Take care and keep slaying x